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Epclusa coadministered with cbd weed

Hello I am a patient of HCV genotype 3 for 8 years without symptoms at all. Fortunately no liver damage (F0-F1) or other vital organ. I am almost finished my second month on Epclusa without any side effects at all! I was wondering if my habit that I smoke a little bit CBD weed every day is affecting negatively Epclusa's treatment. Asked 2 doctors said theres no drug-drug interaction between the two drugs but I keep asking to be sure so I don't waste the cure that I am grateful! Never missed a dose, same time every day, I dont drink alcohol or doing any other drugs. Thanks

  1. Hi George, thanks for sharing your question with the community. I looked into if there are effects from marijuana on hepatitis C treatment and found this study. From the conclusion, "marijuana use did not influence biopsy histology or alter key hard outcomes of hepatitis C virus antiviral therapy." Please let us know what other questions you have and we're happy to provide support. Be well, Matt (Team Member,

    1. Thank you very much for your time!My english are not so good to fully understand studies like but i got my answer!Thanks Matthew!

      1. Hey George, I cannot give you medical advice as I am not a doctor or nurse, but what I can tell you is that I use CBD cannabis regularly and it had no effect on my treatment outcomes or health whatsoever.
        If you are taking your HCV medication daily, and at the same time to boot I think you should be just fine!
        I wish you the absolute BEST of luck in your treatment and cure journey.

        1. Hi Emma thanks for the answer.Yes i take it every day same time no missed dose.4-5 times i took 10 minutes earlier or later from the regular time cause i was working,do you think it may has affected the circle of the treatment?All the other times until today i took it exactly the same time!

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