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Are there a lot of side effects with treatment?

  1. When treatment consisted of only interferon and ribavirin there were many serious side effects. With the direct-acting antivirals, the side effects are mild and many patients report no side effects at all. Common side effects with the newest treatments are fatigue and headache. For people who are also taking ribavirin there may be a lowering of hemoglobin which causes anemia.

    1. Thank goodness you stayed with the treatment through all that and it worked, . I hope you never have to go through any of that again. Did you have any lasting side effects from the treatment? Wishing you the best. - Lori (Team Member)

    2. Sorry to hear that you had anemia while you were going through Hep C treatment. I, too, had 5 blood transfusions while I was going through Hepatitis C treatment. However, my circumstances were a bit different as I received a Hep C organ and had complications during and post transplant. Leslie (Community Moderator)

  2. I personally haven’t had any side effects from taking Epclusa for 3 months post Hep C donor organ transplant in 2019. (Leslie, Community Moderator)

    1. Same here. I took the generic for Epclusa and had pretty much no side effects. Here and there is get a slight ring in my ears but I felt fine. Just finished Dec 13th and will be doing the follow up labs soon. Fingers crossed.

      1. Glad to hear that you had no known side effects from taking Epclusa for Hepatitis C treatment. Hopefully the ringing in your ears have subsided. Feel free to share, comment or update us anytime. Leslie (Community Moderator)

    2. I was put on Mavyret for 8 weeks. Had no side effects. Had 2 blood transfusions in 1985 when having surgery. Have gone 37 years without knowing I had Hep. C. Have fibrosis 2 on the high side. Find out in June if I am in SVR.

      1. , I hope your results in June come out well and that you are not in SVR. How are you doing overall?

        Best, Erin, Team Member.

      2. Glad to hear you took Mavyret without any side effects. I didn’t receive Hep C from a blood transfusion, but I had two friends that received Hep C from blood transfusions in the 1980’s as well when they underwent open heart surgery. On the other hand, I willingly accepted a Hep C donor’s heart for my heart transplant. Hope you are doing well and receive good results in June. Thank you for sharing. Leslie (Community Moderator)

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