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Hepatitis C Symptoms

Pain in Liver Area

  • By Myofb1

    I would like to know if anyone else who has been diagnosed with HepC gets a sharp pain in the liver area. Mine is not constant but will stab me every once in awhile. Im pretty sure it’s my liver. I have been diagnosed with HepC for about 6 years and took Harvoni and am cured. I have been cured for over a year now. But I still get these nagging pain in my liver area. It comes and goes. I’ve had a liver function and blood tests and my doc says I’m OK.

  • By CaseyH Moderator

    Very interesting, Myofb1. I’m sorry to hear this is happening, and that it’s bothering you. I’m glad to hear that your liver function and blood tests seemed to look alright by your doctor, though. However, if you’re still having pain, or if your existing pain is getting worse, it may be a good idea to return to your doctor. If you let them know that this pain is really bothering you, or that it’s impacting your life, they may be able to investigate further or provide you with a deeper explanation of what’s going on. I really hope your doctor is able to help with this and that other community members are able to chime in as well on what they’ve experienced! Please keep us posted on everything, we’re thinking of you! -Casey, Team