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General Discussion

living alone with hepc

  • By deanna maxey

    I got the deiaese from a tatoo my life has been nothing but lies people dont understand hepc they shun you talk about you its been really bad for me i wish there was better awareness of hepc

  • By Meaghan Coneys Moderator

    Hi Deanna Maxey,

    Thank you for your post. We are so happy you are a part of our community. I am sorry to hear you are struggling with your diagnosis and are feeling misunderstood. It can be so difficult adjusting to life with an HCV diagnosis. Please know we are here for you and we understand you here at Many find participating in HCV support groups to be quite helpful and supportive. You may feel understood. This link will connect with more information on support groups and provide you with additional websites to research groups in your area –, It would be wonderful to find one near you! Again, thanks for your post. Please continue to reach out when needed. We love hearing from you.


    Meaghan ( Team)