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  • By smalltowngirl

    Today I found out my insurance is covering Harvoni completely for the 12 weeks my dr wants me to take it. I should be getting my first 28 days of pills early this upcoming week so with that in mind I should start them by the end of next week. I know medicine effects people differently but I’m anxious trying to decide what time would be best for me to take it. I work full time at a fast pace job (assembly line) and work 2nd shift and have bouts of not sleeping very good quite regularly so I’m concerned I won’t have the physical energy to work and I also fear of having insomnia. Any suggestions or insight I appreciate and thank you!

  • By Rick Nash Moderator


    Deciding when to start treatment is always a little tricky, I’ve done it six times and it’s always difficult. I’ve always started them on a Thursday or Friday night, so any immediate side effects wouldn’t require taking too much time off from work. Also remember that FMLA works for treatment, so if push comes to shove, don’t be afraid to use it, but do talk to your doctor about what that entails if you find yourself needing it.
    The treatment does affect people differently but photosensitivity and headaches are pretty common, both of which can affect sleeping patterns. I’ve always given myself two to three days to acclimate to the treatment before continuing work.

    I wrote an article about it back in october

    You Don’t Gotta Go to Work

    The important thing is to keep within your comfort zone,I know sometimes when i pushed myself to work, it ended up making things harder.

    -Rick Nash (Six Time Treatment Dragon Slayer and Transplant Recipient)