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Beginning Treatment Today, Many Questions

  • By expressive arts

    Today I am waiting on my front porch forthe UPS to deliver my first round of Harvoni. I have many questions, When is the best time to take it? How do I integrate my other medications like Thyroid meds? What have YOU found to to make this regimen easiest? What foods are best to eat, when do you take your meds?

    Thank you,

    So grateful for to hear you experiences

  • By Meaghan Coneys Moderator

    Hi Expressive Arts,

    Thank you for your post and congratulations on beginning treatment! While I feel community members will be able to provide you with more specific answers to your questions, I thought you would find the following articles helpful –,, However, we also always suggest speaking with your doctor regarding any new medications, as your doctor could provide information specific to you and your treatment. Again, congratulations on beginning your treatment and thank you for being a member of our community. We are happy you are here! Wishing you all the best.

    Warm regards,

    Meaghan ( Team)

    • By america98

      Hello Lori

      I remembered when I was on my treatment which I had started in Sept.2016 my treatment was Viekira Pak…..I took my medication starting at 9:00 am then the next pills at 9pm for 12 weeks…..I never missed a dosage and I am happy to say I am Hep-c neg. today…..I ate my fruits and vegetable, I drunk lots of water and I worked out…..I felt better and I feel better today….just do exactly what your doctor tells you and you will be fine….good luck and wishing you well on your journey to better health

    • By Jane123

      Hello. I am taking the Viekirax pack with ribavirin. My doctors said no vitamins, no medications. Which is difficult.
      I live in a 3rd world country, I wonder is my Doc being over zealous?
      Thank you for any advice or input.

  • By gabbiegal

    my Hepatologist was quick to let me know how important it is to take my Harvoni at the same time each day. I chose 6:30am and set my alarm. Something is working right because 3 weeks into treatment I have almost NO Viral Load showing in blood test!!! Woot Woot