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Hepatitis C Symptoms

Share the symptoms you experienced after being cured

  • By Lauren Tucker Keymaster

    Hopefully, you took our poll- and landed on this forum topic. But we’d love to hear symptoms you experienced after being cured of Hep C.

  • By 3CoolCats

    It’s been almost 3 years since I was “cured”in the summer of 2016. I actually had no viral load after just 2 weeks but I had to complete the 12 week program. I took Zepatier @ 1 pill everyday and never even knew I was taking a powerful medicine. I had mild to moderate liver damage which will never really go away but it won’t get worse from my prior Hep C. My liver will only get worse by something I choose to do, like drinking, etc. (This all according to my doctor). I have long term issues with my platelets and my white blood count which can go pretty low and then go up towards normal. I also have severe fatigue and every joint in my body aches on to many days. These last 2 symptoms may or may not be related to ongoing Hep C issues and I don’t know if I ever will know for sure because I have a few other things going on with my health. Well, Good Luck to all on this shared journey of trying to stay well enough.

    • By sickofbeingsickgirl

      Hi I too had horrible aches and pains, so bad for a while I began a plan to say goodbye. Thnkgoodness I didn’t and today I am feeling pretty dam good:)

  • By Faithandkids

    I have had trouble with my veins in legs and swelling ankles. I could only get 40% improvement from procedure that was done to help. My knees are bone on bone. I have compressed disc L3 and L4, in spine and Osteoarthritis arthritis. My teeth have been horrible problem. I had very few cavities before treatment since treatment many crowns. I was given blood transfusion in 83, diagnosed with Hep C in 03 after seeing many doctors thru the years with fybromyalgia diagnosis, constant joint and back pain. I had 48 week Pegasys/copegus treatment starting in 03 and it came back after 6 months. Then in 07 I did Interferon at highest dose combined with 6 Ribivarin pills for 72 weeks. I have tested as cured every time checked after the second treatment. There is not a day I don’t have pain. I have been told I still have Non Alcoholic fatty liver disease but have not been able to lose weight. I have been told weight loss is only treatment. I only see gastrointologist now for colonoscopy check ups. I have tried stem cell, PMR, PRP, PT for knees did not work. I’m looking at knee replacement and may need back surgery. Once cured doctors drop Hep C patients and do not follow up on possible long term side effects.

  • By Tash

    I’m starting to see I’m not crazy for thinking even though I’ve been cured of hep c since 2015 (officially in 2016) that I don’t think I ever fully recovered from my severe fatigue. It did get significantly better after getting cured, honestly it was an incredible feeling taking the cure & feeling my energy coming back to life as my viral load got closer & closer to undetected, but I never fully recovered & that has had a very negative impact on my life ever since. I feel like some days I’m just sitting around waiting for that magical moment when my energy returns to what it was before I was infected with hep c even though I’ve always understood that even though I was cured from the virus, it doesn’t cure the damage that was done from the virus. I guess I still always had this high hope that my energy at least would return to what it was but instead sometimes I’m wondering how my future looks when I’m doing everything I can to help my health like going to a doctor for mental health every month & going for physical health whenever I need to, but yet the fatigue cripples me sometimes & I never thought I’d be facing a problem like this at only 27 especially when at 21 I was out & motivated every single day without any issues whatsoever until all a sudden at 22 I was struggling to get outta bed for days & finally got my suspicions confirmed I was in fact infected with hepatitis c.. I fought for a cure & won at 23, was officially marked as cured at 24 (they went off a year of being still undetected before saying I was officially cured & didn’t need to do anymore tests unless I requested some).. yet at 27 I’m still struggling & I’m just at a loss on what else I can possibly do about it. I guess I’ve accepted it but it did help knowing I wasn’t the only one who still suffered from fatigue after being cured.

  • By Susan Simon Moderator

    Hi Tash, Faithandkids, Sickofbeingsickgirl, and 3coolcats. Thank you so much for telling us about your post treatment issues. It seems like so many have medical problems after treatment. I know I still live with moderate fatigue and joint pain and I have been cured since 2013. I think how well or sick you still feel is quite individual. I had cirrhosis before I was treated so expected to not feel perfect. The one thing that is good for all of us is that the vast majority of us do not have to worry about progression of the virus. And don’t forget your livers have been damaged and just because you are cured your liver takes much longer to get better. There will be an improvement in liver histology for many of us, especially if you were only stage 1 or 2. Stay well and enjoy the rest of the summer. ~ Sue, Community Moderator

  • By Ellen

    I have been cured for 3 yrs now . and I was so thrilled and feeling blessed and I still am. I did feel like sanfrantastic for about a year . now im back sliding again having kidney issues now and my creatine is up. I’m very breathless which has just gotten worse. still have all over body pain. and fatigue. still stumble for my words some days. and IV lost alot of muscle . im praying no heart failure. I took epclusa . I have been looking to find any info on side affects ppl might be having now from the meds.??
    either way it saved or extended my life and I’m very, very, very grateful for that!!!! but my Drs watching me pretty close . just had fibro scan today. and he’s always watching the blood work. fingers crossed. God bless everyone . keep fighting.❤