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Hepatitis C Symptoms

Share the symptoms you experienced after being cured

  • By Lauren Tucker Keymaster

    Hopefully, you took our poll- and landed on this forum topic. But we’d love to hear symptoms you experienced after being cured of Hep C.

  • By 3CoolCats

    It’s been almost 3 years since I was “cured”in the summer of 2016. I actually had no viral load after just 2 weeks but I had to complete the 12 week program. I took Zepatier @ 1 pill everyday and never even knew I was taking a powerful medicine. I had mild to moderate liver damage which will never really go away but it won’t get worse from my prior Hep C. My liver will only get worse by something I choose to do, like drinking, etc. (This all according to my doctor). I have long term issues with my platelets and my white blood count which can go pretty low and then go up towards normal. I also have severe fatigue and every joint in my body aches on to many days. These last 2 symptoms may or may not be related to ongoing Hep C issues and I don’t know if I ever will know for sure because I have a few other things going on with my health. Well, Good Luck to all on this shared journey of trying to stay well enough.

    • By sickofbeingsickgirl

      Hi I too had horrible aches and pains, so bad for a while I began a plan to say goodbye. Thnkgoodness I didn’t and today I am feeling pretty dam good:)

  • By Faithandkids

    I have had trouble with my veins in legs and swelling ankles. I could only get 40% improvement from procedure that was done to help. My knees are bone on bone. I have compressed disc L3 and L4, in spine and Osteoarthritis arthritis. My teeth have been horrible problem. I had very few cavities before treatment since treatment many crowns. I was given blood transfusion in 83, diagnosed with Hep C in 03 after seeing many doctors thru the years with fybromyalgia diagnosis, constant joint and back pain. I had 48 week Pegasys/copegus treatment starting in 03 and it came back after 6 months. Then in 07 I did Interferon at highest dose combined with 6 Ribivarin pills for 72 weeks. I have tested as cured every time checked after the second treatment. There is not a day I don’t have pain. I have been told I still have Non Alcoholic fatty liver disease but have not been able to lose weight. I have been told weight loss is only treatment. I only see gastrointologist now for colonoscopy check ups. I have tried stem cell, PMR, PRP, PT for knees did not work. I’m looking at knee replacement and may need back surgery. Once cured doctors drop Hep C patients and do not follow up on possible long term side effects.