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Off the rails now

I shot drugs one time in 1973. Didn't like it and never did it again. In 2000, I found out I had hep C. In 2022, it blew up on me. January of 2003 they drained two litres of refractory ascites. In May, seven litres. and seven more every two weeks. In July, legs swelled up. Was in hospital for nine days in August. Am I crazy to worry about long term side effects from Epclusa?

  1. Hi . You are not crazy to worry about anything. It is always good to do your research so you can be prepared and better advocate for yourself. Here is a link to an article about Epclusa that includes a discussion about the potential side effects: Though some side effects might linger for a while after treatment ends, most community members have reported no longer term effects. Have you started treatment since writing this? If so, how are you doing? Thinking of you and wishing you the best. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. I did iv drugs about a dozen times back in 1980, then never again. Just got diagnosed this week. 44 years later???? Always felt good, no symptoms, but some itching, not that terrible though. Finally got a Doc (we dont have many here) she did routine blood testing, my iron levels were high, so Doc tested further. Quite the shock, to say the least, after such a long time.

      1. Hi . I can see why you are shocked. That's a long time to be carrying the virus and remain relatively symptom-free. Thank goodness your doctor caught it before your symptoms worsened. Are you about to start treatment? Has your doctor run any liver tests to determine whether there is any damage? Here is an article with some suggestions for questions to ask your doctor when you are newly diagnosed: I hope it helps. Please know we are here for you whenever you need us. - Lori (Team Member)

    2. Almost same situation

      1. I recently got diagnosed with hep c also. I've had it over 30 years I'm assuming I contracted it from drug use in my early twenties no symptoms a little itching that's about it. Just having a hard time trying to get medication because it's very expensive I mean I do work but it's a paycheck to paycheck

        1. Hi . A new diagnosis can be overwhelming, especially when you learn that you've had it for so long. The good thing is that it can now be cured. The sooner you can get the medication, the better. Have you tried applying for financial assistance through the manufacturer? Their programs are usually quite generous in terms of maximum income levels. Just google the name of the medication or manufacturer and " financial assistance." That should take you to a link for their program. Here is an article about paying for treatment that might also interest you: Keep us posted and let us know how your treatment is coming along, if you don't mind. I will be thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

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