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Had anyone experienced a viral load that was still detectable after 8 weeks of treatment?

I talked to my doctor today and at four weeks blood work said it was undetectable, however now at 8 weeks and end of treatment it is saying viral load is detectable. The dr told me not to worry that the lab was using a more sensitive assay and we would recheck again in four weeks. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and still been successful? If not are there other treatment options besides Harvoni?

Community Answers
  • Randy moderator
    4 months ago

    Hi jbzp2017!
    I just wanted to check back with you to see how you made out my friend? If you see this, please post back ok? Thanks and much care~ Randy, Community Moderator

  • Randy moderator
    6 months ago

    Hi jbzp2017 and thanks for your question! First, the answer is yes. I was not undetected until week 8 on Harvoni. Are you treating for 8 or 12 weeks? I think what your doctor said is probably accurate. It’s also possible that a “Qualitative” PCR was done which is more sensitive to detect even a couple virii (below the lowest level of quantification) rather than the standard “Quantitative” PCR (which counts virus if any) This seems to happen with some frequency. I’m not sure why it’s done rather than a viral load. I’d listen to your doc and try not to worry. If there are a few virii left your immune system will kick them to the curb my friend : ) please let us know how you made out! All care~ (Randy, Community Moderator)

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