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Where are you in your Hep C journey?

Share with us and with others where you are in your Hep C journey.

  • Not diagnosed yet
  • Diagnosed
  • Just about to start treatment
  • Currently in treatment
  • Just ended treatment
  • Just started a new treatment
  • Finished treatment and cured

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Community Answers
  • Tash
    6 months ago

    I finished treatment & am cured. I was cured with Viekira Pak & Moderiba (ribavirin) for 12 weeks. It’s kind of weird to think they don’t even use Viekira Pak anymore since coming out with Mavyret.

  • Curious
    8 months ago

    Yes, thanks for sharing Cee-ManDe. I’m starting my first dose this week. I am scared at times when I think about it too negatively. I dont know what to expect, and no one will know until I start. They say I’m approved for 8 weeks of treatment. Are you having any side effects? It’s good to hear from someone who actually takes the medicine.

  • Cee-ManDe
    8 months ago

    I am on my day of 24 weeks needed to cure HCV 3a gen. with SOFO+DACCLA pills!

  • Lauren Tucker moderator
    8 months ago

    Thanks for sharing Cee-Mande!!! Keep us posted on how you are doing. -Lauren ( Team)

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