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How hard is it to get approved for epclusa on social security disability part D?

I’m starting to worry I hear people have so much trouble getting approved but I was told it’s very easy now by my gastroenterologist. I am waiting for my part D to go into effect January 2nd and they say it should be no problem since I have a part D they say that’s the easiest way to get medicine. I pray I don’t have to wait long I’ve been having a lot of increased symptoms that are not good and they aren’t even talked about. Thank you for this community- Cat

Community Answers
  • Randy moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi Cat. I just posted to you in the community forum and I’m sorry for the late response on both. The answer is yes, it’s extremely important to have a part D (Rx plan) if you’re on Medicare. And yes, that IS the best way to get treatment meds. A specialty pharmacy should contact you when they are approved and that should not take long at all. Please see my post to you (more detail) in other forum. Please let us know how you make out ok? All best to you and welcome to our family!! (Randy, Community Moderator)

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