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Anyone at all on Vosevi at the same time as Stelara biologic or anything similar ??

I’m on Stelara for psoriasis since May 2018 and it’s working well, now have the opportunity to start Vosevi for Hep C. I keep being told there are no clinical known interactions which are great but does anyone know, or the scientists amongst you can you work out with absorption points, whether there is any loss of efficacy issues with either drug ?? Many thanks, Jet radar

Community Answers
  • Randy moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi Jetrader!
    I can’t with any expert authority answer that question but I fully understand it! When I treated with Harvoni I was very concerned because I was taking verapamil which is a P-gp inhibitor and after reading (or possibly misreading) the pharmacology I went into a tailspin trying to find out if verapamil would increase the bioavailability of ledipasvir and I, at 90lbs, would get overdosed. I researched like crazy, learned a lot about cytochrome P450, asked my doctor, my specialty pharma and they all quickly said no worries-without, what I perceived, any “I’ll get back to you” research. I then called my (ex brother in law) who was deputy director of the FDA at the time. He paused, thought and then asked if I had the med in front of me… yes. He said to swallow it, I did and he replied “you just swallowed gold, say goodbye to your Hep C and don’t worry.” Well, I can’t tell you if he knew but he knew enough because 3 years later and cured I’m here to respond to you! Your question is so valid and I’ve just searched for an answer for you and I don’t see any contradictions either nor could I find any mathematic/physiologic reason on the increase or decrease of efficacy. I’m sure you’ve already asked both of your prescribing physicians and so if inclined I’d question a really expert pharmacologist and or choose to believe what you’ve already been assured of (haha) and proceed. I’m hoping someone with more knowledge will jump in here and I’m very hopeful that the combo meds will be just fine and you’ll be cured of Hep C. I think that will be the case but a really good question you asked!! All best to you! (Randy, Community Moderator)

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