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How do I navigate medicare?

Retired at 62 and receive SSI, 2018 will be auto enrolled in Medicare A & B. At this time have private insurance with my last job. They are offering the option for retired employees an insurance plan that cover 20% of what Medicare Part B doesn’t and Prescription coverage with the same co-pay as my private insurance did. The cost is roughly $166 a month less the cost of Medicare Part B which is roughly $100 a month. So the total for insurance when I reach 65 would be $266 a month. The deductible is $3,500. *Need some direction on what I should do. Cleared HCV in 2005 but have a preexisting condition. Type 1 Diabetes.

Community Answers
  • CaseyH moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi Kathy! Sounds like you’ve done a lot of planning and thinking on this! That’s so great! You are a wonderful self-advocate! I hope everything works out with the plan! Please keep us posted!! We’re sending positive thoughts your way! -Casey, Team

  • Kathy D author
    2 years ago

    I certainly will!

  • Susan Simon moderator
    2 years ago

    It sounds like a Medicare Advantage Plan, commonly purchased by retirees to cover what Medicare does not. I have that kid of a plan. The co-pays and co-insurance varies with policy. If you were happy with the plan you had while employed, you will likely be happy with the plan they are offered. You need to ask the insurance company the questions you are raising about co-pay and previous conditions. (Sue, Community Moderator)

  • Kathy D author
    2 years ago

    Thank-You, Susan!
    Yes, I’m on an excellent plan thru my work. It was explained today by my Employee Benefit Division (EBD). The Advantage Plan requests all questions be asked by EBD. I have the choice of mailing a copy of my Medicare Card or visiting EBD and request They transfer me. I’ll probably do this in January.
    Calculating the medical plan I have now and after I officially retire in Feb 2018 I added the Part B & Part D (Advantage Plan) and the the cost will be about $34.00 more each month. Part B will be deducted from my SSI and Part D (advantage plan) will be pulled from my checking account. So, when a Doctor visit is required, I’ll give them a copy of Medicare and my Advantage card. Supposedly, Medicare & Advantage work together. If I receive a bill, I call EBD with questions. Sounds pretty simple & hope no snags hit the fan. My normal Pharmacy is on the plan plus I can get 90 day scripts if I so desire. 20% what B doesn’t cover & the same co-pay for medications.
    (HepBird1 aka Kathy D)

  • Cosmicat
    1 year ago

    I have SSD and I just applied for Medicare part d because the doctors say that that’s the best way to get epclusa or hepatitis C medications approved. My part d starts here in Januaryand they say that it shouldn’t take long to be approved and receive the medication. I did investigate before getting party which part d company would pay for epclusa and then I picked that part d plan and I’m just awaiting approval here in a week or so I hope and pray it doesn’t take long for it but I did hear the insurance is picky if you don’t have really bad test results got that part d plans are the easiest to get approved so my prayers are with you and all of us

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