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Any advice for managing itching?

Hi just got diagnosed with hep c probably had it 40 yrs. I started getting itchy skin gets worse at night. Any suggestions food to stay away from etc.

Community Answers
  • ExCAsurfer
    2 years ago

    I keep a bottle of 100% Aloe Vera gel (w/out fake green coloring) close by for the intense itching Hep C causes. It’s important not to damage the skin surface by clawing at it. It works for me most of the time & it’s not expensive. Wishing you well.

  • CaseyH moderator
    2 years ago

    Great advice ExCAsurfer! What an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing! -Casey, Team

  • CaseyH moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi MER1949! Thanks for sharing your question with us. I’m sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. Hopefully, others in the community can chime in on how they manage this issue, and any tips or tricks they have. In the meantime, I’ve found the following articles on itching that you may find useful:

    As always, if your itching persists or starts to become worse, it may be a good idea to talk with your provider about any options they may have for you! Please keep us updated! -Casey, Team

  • Cosmicat
    11 months ago

    I have had hepatitis C for over 40 years and I have had extremely extremely painful dry skin and hair and scalp and nothing seems to work as far as lotions or oils, the best thing that I can do is to shower frequently just to get water into my skin even drinking water from the inside doesn’t help my dry skin and premature wrinkles and crepe skin which I never hear anybody talk about this side effects of hepC.there are so many things I’m experiencing that I’m realizing is from the hepatitis C and all kinds of parts of my body and the itching that I have is from the extreme dry skin.I am posting all of my things on here because I believe that people need to know that a lot but they’re going through is from hep C that doctors will not tell you or do you not know.
    Bless you

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