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Dry Skin from Hepatitis C: Solutions and Management

Believe me, I understand that feeling. It is more than just dry skin. It is an itching sensation that can drive you a little bit batty at times. One of the symptoms of liver disease is skin problems. You may notice dryness, scaling, itching, redness, and welts. When hepatitis C is burdening your liver, your skin is definitely going to need some relief. That relief can come in many forms. From prescriptions to laundry soap, I’ve got a list for you to manage dry skin from hepatitis C!

Dealing with the non-stop itch

My doctor gave me a salve while on HCV treatment. My face had been peeling for years, but on the drugs, it even got a bit scabby. Uck! I felt ugly during those times. I loved having a prescription for Triamcinolone 0.1%. I would hoard the stuff and use little teeny amounts of it only when I was about to climb the wall. it is a steroid cream. It is meant to be used for eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions. It can come in handy when you’re living with hepatitis C or liver disease also. It is especially good for those areas on your face where the redness and peeling really shows.

I was really trying to save money at one point. After trying this cream and that cream, I had a cabinet filled with stuff that didn’t work. I totally became a medicine woman and made my own too! I’m going to list everything that worked for my sensitive skin. These are the tried and true products that didn’t irritate my skin or dry it out any further.

Solutions for dry, itchy skin

Take warm showers instead of a hot bath. When your muscles and joints are achy, a long hot bath sounds good. You may end up regretting it if your skin dries out even more. After your shower, while your skin is still slightly moist, gently rub some soothing lotion into your skin. This is a good time to walk around in the buff for a bit. Give your skin some air and allow the lotion to soak in before you get dressed.

I am not endorsing any particular product. I used store brands and name brands. If I was near the kitchen, I would get a spoonful of coconut or olive oil out. Just be careful about standing in the kitchen in the buff if there are other people in the house.

If you try to avoid perfumes in lotion and soaps, take warning: They can have a funky odor. Some brands of non-scented are better than others. Sniff in the store to be sure.

  • Olive oil - is always inexpensive, always available and always safe. No allergy flare ups.
  • Coconut oil - is a luxury that is worth it during the dry months of winter.
  • Eucerin - Lotion or cream that is thick and slightly sticky. It will never cause irritation and is always soothing.
  • Aveeno - is good in the bath and lotions are nice too.
  • Gold Bond - An old school favorite that is easy on the pocket book.

Use perfume and dye free detergents and fabric softeners too. It can help reduce dryness and prevent itchiness. Sometimes, the best creams are already in your house. Others can be bought a a discount store. Getting rid of hepatitis C is the first step in stopping dry itchy skin in its tracks.

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