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Is anyone else hesitating to try the latest Hep C drugs?

It’s been found that they can cause the reactivation of Hep B in some patients. I had Hep A & B in the late ’60s. Been hosting Hep C type 3 for over 40 years now. While it’s not made me ill in all that time…I’m scared to death of reactivating the Hep B. I remember being extremely ill w/it.

Community Answers
  • Cosmicat
    1 year ago

    When I was 16 I was infected and almost died from acute hepatitis b and c but here years later recently my gastroenterologist said that he doubts I ever had Hepatitis b because it doesn’t show any antibodies in my system so he’s putting me on epclusa but it does scare me that I know for fact I had hepatitis bhowever it is very necessary for me to take treatment as having such horrible increased symptoms of this disease and I need help with treatment so I have no choice but I do pray that I do not have repeat hepatitis b in the future
    Bless you

  • CaseyH moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi ExCAsurfer, thanks for your question! You’re right, there is the potential for Hep B reactivation with some of the newer medications. However, many of these medications have extremely high cure rates for Hep C. It totally makes sense why this can be such a difficult decision, and you are so not alone. Making the decision to treat involves weighing all pros and cons, including the Hep B reactivation risk. Your doctor will be able to help determine this risk for you based on your specific situation and past medical history. I would recommend talking with your doctor or health care team to see what they think. Please keep us posted on everything! We’re wishing you the best! -Casey, Team

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