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Can I get from 1.18 to 0 on my HCV RNA quant?

Can I get from 1.18 to 0 on my HCV RNA quant? Or am I stuck at undetectable?

Community Answers
  • Goatface7 author
    1 year ago

    Thank You, it’s just as I suspected. I’m good @ 62 yr.s old ! I drink 100-150 beers/yr.(I keep track since 2012) my HCV RNA QUANT. or my SVR is Aces. I walk the line. So, undetected is cured or as close as can be, and by receiving my HCV RNA QUANT. every 5 yr.s I stay aware of sitch.

  • Randy moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi Stu, thanks for your question!
    To answer I first want to show you what an example of results of someone who is CURED (SVR) looks like-

    Value < 15 NOT DETECTED (some tests are <12) Hepatitis C RNA Log IU/mL (logarithm) Value <1.18 So I think what you’re referring to is the Log or logarithm; just a different measurement of your RNA PCR viral load and no you can’t get better than Log < 1.18. This is “cured” not dectected. After treatment the few virii (<15 or <1.18) are tossed out by your immune system but you can’t count 0. I sure hope that helps! (Randy, Community Moderator)

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