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How does an HCV carrier explain to a new person their not active?

I was diagnosed with hepatitis C close to year ago. My specialist informed me that I am non-active and non-contagious, but people don’t understand or don’t want too. I’m starting to isolate myself more, and I just need someone to understand or explain so I can heal mentally with the rejection of others.

Community Answers
  • Susan Simon moderator
    7 months ago

    Hello Mikayla. That is a great question.
    Actually there is no carrier state in hep C. Once a person has hep C, even though cured, he/she will always have the antibody. However, when cured, only the antibody will be found in the blood, not the actual virus. The test that looks for virus (HCV/RNA), or viral load test, will be undetected in the blood. In that way it is like measles or mumps. The antibody is there but the person is not infected. ~Sue, Community Moderator

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