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Should I be concered about the ratio changing on the HCV antibody?

Tested positive for HCV antibody with a ratio of 1:1 twice, this third time it was 1:9, should I be concerned that this time the RNA test might come back positive as well?

Last year in June I tested positive for hep c with a ratio of 1:1 and tested with the same results in January of this year. Fortunately, it seemed like my body had fought off the virus on its own because the anti-viral load came back negative both times. I never experienced any symptoms so it was a shock to know that I once came in contact with it. I just got my physical done and again my antibody test results came back positive (I am aware that it will always be positive), however, this time it was at a 1:9 ratio. My doctor had mentioned before that if the ratio elevated then he would be a concern, so he is referring me to a hepatologist and that has me all scared. I will get RNA test done this coming Monday, but I just want to know if the ratio change is a cause for concern? Or is it normal for it to fluctuate? Can someone shed some light on me, I don’t want to go crazy while waiting for results. Thank you!

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