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Did I just expose myself?

This is super embarassing for me and very difficult for me to discuss so please don’t judge….. My fiance has hep c… things got alittle crazy and in the heat of the moment…without thinking we had anal sex. I noticed alittle blood afterwards and now I am uneasy. He is currently on his 2nd month of harvoni. I dont know why I was so stupid. I got tested when he was first diagnosed a few months back and was negative. Now I am very worried I may have exposed myself. What are the odds and what should I do?

Community Answers
  • Rick Nash
    2 years ago


    I’ve been there, but don’t worry too much, the odds are insanely in your favor.
    HCV isn’t really an STD (even anal sex,) so this vector requires open blood for both partners. ( It’s also my understanding that rectal tearing is more likely to affect the giver than the receiver.)

    If he’s on his second month of Harvoni, he may not have enough of the active virus to transmit. The lower the viral load the less likely, the smaller amount of blood the less likely.

    and If he is undetectable you likely have nothing to worry about.

    My mom had Hep C for 15 years before she found out, and was married to my dad most of that time, he doesn’t have Hep C. I’ve had unprotected sex, and had a lil bit of blood myself while on Harvoni (undetectable) and she was fine. That being said, I literally understand the worry either way.

    As far as what to do next?
    An HCV Quant RNA in a few months would be a wise thing to do.
    You can do one now as well, however it’s best to wait a month or three post exposure to ensure accuracy.

    -Rick Nash (6 time treatment dragon slayer and transplant recipient)

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