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Just started Mavyret

I am new to this site, not new to Hep C! I just started treatment w/ Mavyret. I am on my third day without any problems. I was wondering if any one else has taken this?

  1. Hi , WELCOME! Thanks for reaching out and I am sorry there hasn't been a posted response in quite some time. I am glad to hear you are starting your Hep C treatment. How is everything going so far and how are you feeling?

    I thought I would share this article with you about Mavyret-
    But, keep in mind different treatments work differently for everyone. I hope others chime in here. I will reach out to my team too to see if they have had any experience they can share.

    Thanks for being part of our community.
    Lauren ( Team)

    1. Thank you

    2. Oh my! You brought a smile to my face. I remember that NOT detected dance jig my friend. We're so super happy for you!! Thanks also for added your voice of wisdom and experience to encourage a newbie.
      That's how our community works, people helping people.
      All best and thanks so much for the awesome update!
      xo Karen

  2. So very glad you found us. I took the older treatment, but hear that the side effects with mavyret are mild, and also wane within the first 2 weeks. Like Lauren said, everyone is different.
    It's great that you're being observant and looking for support and confirmation. If there is anything else we can do, please let us know.
    If you would like to visit the fb forum, you can read a lot of personal stories there also.
    I'm glad you stopped by. Being part of a supportive community was a big key to my successful treatment and I know it will help you too!
    Stay in touch. xo Karen, Moderator

    1. Hi Imme. Congratulations on starting treatment. I also cleared with one of the older treatments (Viekera Pak). Both Mavyret and Viekira Pak are direct acting antivirals and work in much the same way. The side effect profile I hear the most is headache and fatigue. Mavyret is an exciting treatment because it cures just about everyone and can be used for genotypes 1 through 6.

      We can't wait to celebrate with you when you are finished. Please keep us in the loop. We want to know how you are doing. We care.

      (Sue, Community Moderator)

      1. Hi, I'm glad you are on Mavyret. I'm on my fifth week. Like everyone said the side effects is mild for most. My side effects of fatigue disappeared by the third week. I am so grateful to have found this site. They are so kind and show genuine concern and I needed that. My journey with Mavyret has been good so far. I will be doing my first viral check by the 20th of the month. I will definitely , let all of you know how I am. Till then wish and send some good vibes to me.

        1. Hi Primalfear 😀
          You sound like you’re doing really well my friend! Three weeks left and two days until your first viral load... wow! I so remember the excitement and emotions when I had my first PCR in treatment. It’s powerful. Thank you for encouraging Imme. We’re able to journey so much better together. I and all of us are sending you great hope and expectation of an awesome outcome; free of HepatitisC. Please keep us updated and also just stay connected; your voice and care really matter. All blessings, Randy, Community Moderator

        2. Hi, Randy, yes wow'''im almost at the finish line. Im a caretaker for my mom who has dementia. She is lucky I survived this disease. I could have been gone a long time ago. My mom has dementia, taking care of her has kept me from becoming obsessed with my cure. I've come this far without any stress. I also have you guys and I read the forums or what you write to me. Hep C got me good. Supposedly I have the harder to cure strand, I'm a 1a. I don't know how true that is. It doesn't matter what strand you have or how you got it. The end result would have been the same. So yeah, I'm excited. Thanks to all of you. I plan to stay around to lend my support to any newcomers.

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