What is one level of detectable HCV RNA ?

My insurance company has told me that they need documentation of at least one detectable HCV RNA level. What do those numbers look like for one level? Thanks.

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  • Randy moderator
    11 months ago

    Hi Dealing! I agree with Rick but want to add that if you have a denial letter (less than a year old) I believe you said a month ago please call Patient Advocate Foundation’s Hepatitis C CareLine at 800-532-5274. They are experts at helping you to write an appeal to turn over a denial. This is what they do and they’re awesome. Call them, do not give up friend!! (Randy, Community Moderator)

  • Rick Nash moderator
    12 months ago

    Howdy @Dealing

    Detectable HCV RNA level is typically referred to as Viral Load.
    This can be measured with PCR or an HCV Quant RNA/QRNA

    Mine has varied from 230 to 120 million.
    This is a rough scale:
    Sustained Viral Response(cured) measures at <40 for 12/24 weeks post treatment.
    The typical low range is below 1 million.
    Middle between 1 and 5 million
    High at 5-25 million
    and very high at 25+ million.

    I hope this helps!

    -Rick Nash (6 time treatment dragon slayer and transplant recipient)

  • Dealing author
    12 months ago

    Thank you

  • Rick Nash moderator
    12 months ago


    Anytime! Is that your second denial for the same treatment? If I recall correctly there should be one more level of appeals until it goes to Maximus. Should you continue the appeals process at this point it may be wise to consider legal counsel.
    Insurance companies may be more inclined to approve a different medication as price and efficacy are two large factors which determine their approving treatment.

    -Rick Nash (6 time treatment dragon slayer and transplant recipient)

  • Dealing author
    12 months ago

    Insurance has once again shown their true colors and care of their customers. They once again denied me coverage just yesterday for the drug my doctor prescribed, Harvoni.

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