Can cryoglobulinemia be a symptom of acute hepatitis c?

Hello, I’m French. Six weeks ago, I had a sexual relation with a girl who has hcv + (including anal). Two weeks later after this exposure, I’m experiencing symptoms like arthralgia, cold hands, and frequent urination. I watched on Internet and these symptoms looks like Cryoglobulinemia. Can Cryoglobulinemia be a symptom of acute hepatitis c? (Two weeks after exposure) Or, its just a long term consequence of chronic hcv? Thanks for your reply. (Sorry for my english.)

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  • Randy moderator
    6 months ago


    Hi and just wanted to add a little to your question. I believe you asked if Cryoglobulinemia was a symptom of acute (first six months) hepatitis C, is that right? Well as Kim said it can certainly be an indicator that you “may” have Hep C but only chronic. You would not experience symptoms of cryo in acute phase unless of course you had it for other reasons. So no, what you’re feeling is not from an exposure two weeks ago. Have you had a HepatitisC antibody test done? I think that would be a first move if you know you’ve been at risk with a person who has chronic HCV. If it’s positive, you could be feeling ill from that. Please get tested friend and post back. Thanks! (Randy, Community Moderator)

  • Kimberly Morgan Bossley
    6 months ago

    Yes it is a key factor. I was diagnosed after having hep c 46 years. I underwent treatment for this and am doing great. My prayers to your recovery and good health from here on out.
    Kim Bossley

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