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Can you contract Hep C from surfaces?

Hello, so I’ve heard that Hep C can remain on surfaces for some time, and that you have to bleach it etc. My roommate recently had a nose bleed and used plenty of tissues to stop it, handled those tissues, touched her blood and kept touching everywhere. Now, I didn’t see any blood touch these surfaces, but the bloody tissues did. If she’s Hep C positive, can I contract it if I touch these surfaces and scratch somewhere until it bleeds?

Community Answers
  • Kimberly Morgan Bossley moderator
    10 months ago

    Welcome Olivia thank you for reaching out to us. Hepatitis c can live on surfaces potentially infecting others that have a open wound or sore. It is best to clean up spilled blood off surfaces with a bleach mixture. 10 parts water to 1 part bleach. This ensures the virus is killed and cleaned off surfaces. I normally made it practice in my house each week to just clean my whole house with a bleach water mix. Be sure to know that agents on the cleaning shelf in stores may not really contain bleach at all. So it is best to mix up your own concoction. Also best to ask your doctor for any other suggestion he/ she may have for you.
    Thanks again for reaching out. Keep those questions comings to us.
    “Not without a fight~HCV~ (c)
    Kimberly Morgan Bossley – Moderator

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