Summertime Foods to Help Hepatitis C.

Summertime Foods to Help Hepatitis C

When it’s summertime and the weather is high, you need to eat good food to stay strong with hepatitis C. Since the garden goods are easy to find, use this time to eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can.

Get a little fruity!

Any type of melon is always good and sweet this time of year. There are a lot of benefits to eating watermelon. It is high in amino acids which are good for the liver. It is also full of water that is rich in potassium and other minerals. Staying hydrated is important when it’s hot outside and melon can help! Cantaloupe is a source of Vitamin A and C and is full of natural sugars and fiber.

Snack on grapes. When you are feeling snacky and are tempted to grab chips, go for grapes instead. You’ve probably heard all of the studies about red wine and heart disease. Well, the polyphenol found in the skin of grapes is the trick. It is also a great source of fiber, and antioxidants. That is probably going to be true of just about any berry. Go for blueberries and strawberries while they’re fresh.

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Seasonal options

Mid to late summer is when the fruit trees begin to put on their show. The peaches start first, followed by plums. Soon the apples and pears will follow. Keep an eye out while you’re driving around. You might see a roadside stand with great local fruit. Maybe you have a neighbor who needs help harvesting their fruit! Offer to help for a portion of the good harvest.

Fruits are kind of like the candy of the healthy summer foods. Remember, vegetables are able to help treat many symptoms of hepatitis C. They can also help to calm down some of the side effects.

Eat your veggies!

When you can get fresh corn, go for it! This ancient food has fed many societies. It is full of vitamins and magnesium. It contains a lot of fiber and antioxidants too. I froze a bushel of sweet corn just last week. The benefits are actually released while cooking, so cook it in the microwave, grill, or stove top!

Just plain lettuce is full of water which can help with sluggish bowels. The fiber in it joins with the water to relieve constipation. This vegetable gets overlooked a lot. Don’t be so quick to think it’s not beneficial. There are a ton of goods things about it. It is very low in calories, is full of vitamins and minerals. If your skin is dry, eat more lettuce not only to bring moisture, but to protect against the sun. The combination of vitamins E and C form a natural sunscreen. The vitamin K can help with low platelets, bone loss and also hair loss.

Sweet and savory options

Carrots and celery are almost so sweet that I want to add them to the list of fruits. Whether you chop them into a soup or a salad, they are good for you. Keep some sticks sliced up to eat with a healthy home made dip. Mix up some herbs with plain yogurt and you’ve got some good munching going on! The vitamin C overload will help you guard against cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Of course I saved the best for last. Who can resist a fresh garden tomato? There is nothing like it! I’ve been slicing them up on turkey bacon sandwiches. They are filled with antioxidants, vitamins, calcium and other minerals. When they’re fresh and juicy, you don’t even need much salad dressing. Of course, nothing beats eating this fruit straight off of the vine.

Take advantage of the good prices and availability of fresh fruits and vegetables in helping you to stay strong with hepatitis C. The treatment for the virus can leave you feeling tired. Bolster your energy with good summertime food.

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