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Easy Ways to Eat Clean with Hepatitis

With hepatitis C and liver disease, a good diet can make a heap of difference. Who can really eat perfectly all the time? I’m snacking on chips while writing this blog. But, they’re low sodium chips and the garlic hummus is homemade. It made me wonder: How can we enjoy simple snacks that won’t burden ours liver?

My first advice is to quit spending a lot of time trying to research healthy foods to eat for the liver- Ya gotta keep it simple. I’m throwing out some easy ways to eat clean with liver disease. You can pick and choose your favorite ways to eat healthier.

With hep C, whole foods are better

As in, the fewer ingredients there are, the healthier they are. Not only are whole foods better for you, they can save you time and money too. That’s because food, in it’s natural state, requires a bit of preparation and cooking on your part. With processed and packaged foods, the cooking is done for you. The big difference: it’s a little scary when you don't know what you’re eating.

Shop smart

Start by shopping the outer-edge of the grocery store where produce and fresh foods are found (the middle of the store has more processed foods). Also, don’t spend too much time in the dairy section if you have advanced liver disease.

Cook at home

Millions of Americans no longer cook their own food. Look for food the way that the earth gave it to you. I picture my meal as it began in a garden, orchard, or field.

Count the ingredients

If there are too many, it’s probably not that good for you.

Colorful is good

It can make your plate pretty and healthy at the same time. Green, leafy veggies mixed with orange, red, and purple ones can make a great salad. You can also find color in the middle of the store. If you spy black beans or rice, you’re on the right track! Any color of bean is good for you.

Remember the soups!

By mixing large amounts of veggies with some meat, you can create a filling meal that’s easy and clean. Meat with a little fat adds enough flavor for the whole pot!

Grains are great

They are found in bread, cereals, and pasta. Choose whole grains when possible. They will help keep you feeling full longer. They also help to keep your bowels moving.

Go for zest

Adding onions and peppers to your diet for a bold flavor. Bland foods can be soothing on a sick tummy, but a smack with zest will please your taste buds.

Bon appetit

Buying, cooking and eating fresh vegetables and fruit daily will help to keep your body clean. A body that is free from toxins and food additives can make healthier cells. Your energy level will improve as your body begins to heal. We can let go of the notion that eating clean is hard. It all boils down to a few simple steps. Try a few of these steps every day. Before long, you’ll be eating more and more healthy foods and feeling the benefits from eating clean and nutritious food.

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