Finding Peace with a Hep C Diagnosis

Finding peace with a hep C diagnosis can be difficult, if not impossible. The fear, despair of now being labeled, loneliness, and isolation can be but only a few feeling one can experience.

Coping with a hep C diagnosis

I will suggest this to anyone newly diagnosed to start a journal, not because you want to relive the devastating news of diagnosis, but rather so you can release the anger and all the negative feeling one does have coming to this new event in your life. Carrying around these negative emotions does no good for your body, in fact, my liver doctor shared with me that stress and negative feeling are quick killers of the liver. Our livers (all parts of our bodies) react to how we are feeling. Stress kills.

Do not get me wrong, it is extremely hard not to feel this. I personally sank into a deep depressive state for several months.  I am sure this was huge part of why I progressed from stage 1 to stage 4 with in 4 years. But no scientific proof on this... it is my personal belief. Why did I live with this for 42 years and then bam, stage 4? To me, it was my stress levels and my mental state of mind.

Get treated and get cured

It was told to me one time that everyone in life is dealt a hand of cards. Some are great face cards and, unfortunately, some of those cards can turn into what I called mine – Joker cards. We must learn to accept the moment given. Choose to rise above and take steps to get out of and discard those joker cards as soon as you can. By this referring to your hep C, I mean get the best possible liver health care.  Find a good doctor with the same visions for your health as you have. Get your treatment. Be proactive in your care. Fight for your cure if you are denied. FIGHT!

The quicker we can do this, the better for our bodies, but most of all for our livers. Stop the damage from happening. Hep C is now curable and that is what needs to be focused on. Our direction in this fight now is forward. Stay focused on your cure and do anything and everything till you do.  Do not let yourself get stuck in the negative realm too long. THIS IS A CURABLE DISEASE... Let me repeat... CURABLE!!!

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