Removing Fear from The Equation: New versus Old Treatments for Hep C

Not long ago (for me, in 2005), we did not have the amazing, new treatments available to cure hepatitis C. In fact, there was only one drug and it was a horrible harsh one for any of you that had to take it.

The harsh realities of older hep C treatments

The odds of that treatment drug were not in favor for the patient winning the battle against hep C. In fact, it was a 50/50 shot of beating this horrible disease. To add insult to injury on this, the side effects were awful. And that word really does not describe this medication. It was pure downright EVIL. Evil in the way it beat down a person’s body. The debilitating side effects were often referred to as horrible, chemo-like side effects. What we are now learning decade later is this treatment of interferon has destroyed many peoples' every day lives, with lasting side effects such as neuropathy, muscular issues, and countless others.

Today's treatment are much better

Like you reading this now, those of us that choose to risk the 50/50 shot to cure and save our lives did so because we wanted to live. For those of you choosing to treat your hepatitis C now, I will for certain say that by no means are these new treatments anywhere near or close to interferon days. In fact, the odds are now in the patient's favor,  with cure rates at 98 percent. That is outstanding considering where we came from. Plus, the side effects from these are very minimal with headaches, nausea and fatigue being the major ones. No longer does one have to fret over losing hair or needing to quit a job because treatment was going to be so bad and debilitating. In fact, I am contacted frequently in my foundation about those able to carry on normal lives during treatment, jobs, fitness, parenting, etc. Sure, there might be an off day, but honestly, it is nothing compared to old interferon. I am happy to report the ones curing are doing so in record numbers and the lasting effects are virtually not there.

Don't be afraid to start treatment!

Do we fear hep C? Sure, we all do, have, did, whatever. But I am here to reassure that your life can continue with minor adjustments during the treatment. Don’t put off being treated because of fear of the medications. That was a thing in the past and these new versions are a miracle to the hep C communities.

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