Paying for Hepatitis C Treatment.

Paying for Hepatitis C Treatment

Hearing from those of you who are trying to get treatment paid for makes me sad sometimes. Many of you are lucky enough to have good health insurance. Some of you may have a state funded plan that covers the new treatment. There are many options to pay for treatment, including help from the drug manufacturers. But getting through all of the maze of finding out what will work for you is never easy. There are plenty of articles on this website that helps you to find ways to pay for hepatitis C Treatment. I’m not an expert on everything, but you better believe I know how to get things done. That includes pulling out all the stops in getting your medications paid for in order to be rid of hep C.

Here are my hair raising tips on how to work around the many systems it takes to get your medication paid for.

Keep a sound mind

Leave the theatrics to the stage, and take a deep breath before you start talking money. If you don’t focus, you can’t get as much accomplished.

Take names

I think that writing down a person’s name is always good. Whether you’re dealing with a nurse, doctor, pharmacy rep, or insurance company - call them by their name. If you start to go over the edge of hysteria, and lose your mind, it is good to look back at your notes and then address the person you are talking to.

Lose your mind

Okay, truth told, it could actually pay off in the long run to let your looney self loose. For example, I once got on the phone with a pharmacy representative who was getting ready to cut me off of my next shipment. I actually hyperventilated because we were told to take those drugs within a certain time period (of like 30 minutes). I got an overnight package the next day.

Make promises

This is the saddest thing, but I actually cried a bargain a few times. Especially when it came to rescue drugs. When they threatened to take me off of treatment because of anemia or low platelets, I promised everything in the world. I guess, it was like begging or bargaining.

Make threats

Then there was the time that I called a person who was cutting my money off for hep C treatment. I addressed her by name and told her that I wanted to be sure it was spelled correctly on my piece of paper. In case I died, my daughter might want to make a phone call. Down low, dirty, and it worked. I got my meds.

There is not an ounce of shame in the tactics I used to stay on hepatitis C treatment. In fact, saving my own life may be one of the things that i am proudest of. My life is important to me. My family needed me. We had healing to do and lives to live together. There was no way I was letting go that easily. My liver was failing and I was willing to do anything to stay alive. You can borrow some of my tactics. You might have some of your own that you can share with us here!

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