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Life is full of choices and decisions we make or don’t make. Not everything is as simple as a choice depending on how we handle these things.

Some choices are easy, while others can be complicated and carry consequences we never expected.

Making tough choices

Unintended consequences of our choices may lead to things we never anticipated, expected, or deserved if we want to go down the path of blame.

Shouldn’t we avoid the blame game whenever possible, whether blaming ourselves or others? Zero-sum comes to mind. Nobody benefits from it.

The choices we face with a hep C diagnosis are not so different from those we may encounter with other health and wellness concerns, with one huge difference. No physical therapy will eradicate the virus, and there are no viable or safe alternative treatments that will eliminate the virus.

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As amazing as it is, hep C can be cured. I know a few still do not believe there is a cure, but for nearly 100%, it is very real.

I was cured 12 years ago and remain hep C free.

Making the choice seek treatment

The choice to seek treatment and to be cured of hep C is a personal decision, but please be aware that if left on its own, hep C will, over time, do very real damage to your liver and affect your health in terrible ways and not only in your liver.

This is real, and aside from the data, I have witnessed far too many friends and peers who have experienced worsening health and quality of life.

Less so because they don’t believe they can beat the virus and more due to lack of diagnosis, care, and treatment. Do not be swayed by suggestions that hep C is not curable. It is wrong.

It is your choice as to what you do with your health, but please talk to informed people like your doctor and peers you trust. Research so you can make the right decision for yourself.

As someone who was treated with a challenging combination of drugs no longer in use, I can say with a high degree of certainty that your treatment experience will be much less difficult and much more effective at stopping the virus in its tracks.

This means the virus will stop making more copies, stop damaging your health, and improve your quality of life. It is a simple choice in my books, but it is entirely up to you.

I have no regrets for taking the harsh Interferon therapy all those years ago. As lucky as I was to survive and thrive without hep C, I see it as part of my hep C journey that has been nearly all positive, despite some challenges.

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