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Finding True Love After Hepatitis C

Last updated: February 2022

I’ve always been a romantic. I was a sad mess when I got dumped. I wasn’t sure that I could find anyone who understood hep C. I wasn’t very experienced with being single. Having been married for my whole adult life, the dating scene looked scary. If you have the hepatitis C virus and are looking for love, it’s tough. You’re vulnerable right now. If you have been sick for a long time, you may have cirrhosis. Even after treatment, hepatitis C can cause long-term symptoms and side effects. A new romantic interest might not understand, but I'm here for you. I’ve been single and sick too.

Here is my advice for finding true love after hepatitis C:

Be your own valentine

Sounds cheesy, but if you don’t have self-respect, nobody else will respect you. Instead of looking outside of yourself for love, look within. Find ways of nurturing yourself. Look at what it takes to make you whole. It’s easy to say, but hard to do. Make a list of what you want out of life. Then go after it. You can find so much haziness and fulfillment, and that is attractive.

Live life on your own terms

So you value eating healthy – do it. You enjoy taking daily walks with your pet – get out there. You watch geeky documentaries – have fun with it! If you do what you love, you’ll be happier. You will also be more likely to connect with someone like you!

Just be you

I started learning to bowl. There was a guy that my friend was going to hook me up with. When I finally met him, he wasn’t right for me. He’s a night owl, I’m an early riser. SO glad I didn’t invest in that bowling ball and bag. Instead, I did yoga and ate healthy foods. I walked in nature with my journal, like always. Guess who I attracted? A nature columnist who works in health foods. I’m in heaven – and just being me.

Invest in your future self

If your past partners limited you, now is YOUR time. Go ahead and take the lessons, or visit the shops or galleries you wanted to. Get out your fishing tackle if that’s it. Go to car shows. Spend a little time and money doing what you LOVE. Chances are, you’ll meet a lot of people just like yourself.

Take your time

If a new friendship develops, congratulations! Be slow about falling too fast. Sometimes, if we’re lonely, attention feels good. We might not like the person, but we’re happy to have someone care. Slow down the pace. Be sure you’re into them – for the right reasons.

Notice that ALL of my advice starts with YOU. By getting to know, accept, and love yourself, a good relationship can grow. Each relationship is different and you want to take your time. Don't give up on love and connection. After getting rid of HCV, your love life can start fresh!

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