Getting Dumped with Hepatitis C

Getting Dumped with Hepatitis C

After years of living with hepatitis C, I was very sick. My husband gave up on my low-energy self. He was about done with having a brain foggy wife. Within months of our split, I was diagnosed with end stage liver disease. He was already long gone with a healthier girl. It was a lonely and shocking time for me.

There are many ways to deal with getting dumped. When you’re sick, you’ll need a giant-sized dose of confidence to get you through a break-up. That, and a good friend. Pretend I’m your best friend and we’re setting in a booth at your favorite restaurant. You just got dumped. I’ll be the good listener who has all the answers. You know, the one you can count on to be on YOUR side – against the EX – and offer sympathy and hope. It will tide you over til you get back on your feet. Here are my one liners. Read them slowly and with meaning.

Get all of their stuff out of your house

Delete pics, texts, and voicemails off your phone. Then block them on your Facebook. No contact. No stalking. Keep it clean.

"They don’t know what they had"

You were the best thing that ever happened to them and they totally blew it.

"I never liked them anyway"

You know how annoyed I got whenever they acted so and so.

If they don’t want to be with you – fine

They can go throw themselves off of a bridge, for all we care.

"I’m so glad they’re gone"

Now you can focus on yourself and start working with your doctor to get better.

It only gets better from here

After getting rid of fill in the blank: ascites, jaundice, portal vein thrombosis, you’re going to feel and look amazing. Then, they’ll be sorry they walked away.

You’ll show them

Now you can get your life in order. You’ll take care of any nasty habits that held you back. You can lose that extra 10 lbs. You’re going to look so good in those jeans. Uh huh, and you’ll be over it and looking for a new love.

Get out there

Even if you’re a sad mess – just start. Let your broken heart be your rocket fuel into the future!

Make a list of what you want in a partner next time

Start with inner qualities like loyalty, honesty, and kindness. Now let’s go to the things you admire, like a steady job, decent house, and good breath.

You’re going to find someone who gets you this time

They won’t make fun of your diet. They will make you a chicken salad and think you’re wise for taking care of yourself.

Even though it hurts right now, you have an amazing future ahead of you. You’ll get past this. Be patient. The pain won’t last forever. You’re going to find true love after hepatitis C. I’m with you all the way. You'll come out of the pain and begin again.

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