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The Cycle of Fatigue with Hepatitis C

With fatigue, everything seems to move "slower and sadder". This is the cycle of fatigue with hepatitis C that everyone talks about. When you get the cycle of fatigue with hepatitis C, it's easy to feel useless. You might not take good care of yourself because you're so tired. Have you felt the cycle of fatigue with hep C? I have.

The realities of fatigue and hep C

Before I treated for the hep C virus, my whole life was spent trying to feel better and get out of the cycle of fatigue with hepatitis C. The treatment was hard and long back then and it took a long time to feel better. Today’s treatments don’t last as long, and they have very few side effects. They certainly don’t put such a strain on your body on they are killing the virus.

The good news

After treating and getting cured from hep C, the fatigue can begin fade away. Take care of yourself while you are treating and recovering from the virus. Talk to your doctor, family, and friends about how you feel with the cycle of fatigue with hepatitis C.

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