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My Doctor Just Doesn't Understand

Do you ever feel that your doctor does not understand what you are trying to convey to them about your hep C? Or that your feelings, symptoms, or questions are being minimized?

I was very fortunate to have a very caring team for my liver. I had the best hepatologist and research coordinator in the country.

It was not always like that; however, when I started my diagnosis journey, my primary doctor was not someone I felt had my best interest and lacked compassion.  

Facing an unprofessional doctor

Being newly diagnosed and being treated this way made me feel even worst. I felt judged. I felt like I did not deserve his care and treatment. 

In fact, during the initial diagnosis in his office, he rudely said that I needed to go elsewhere to be seen about this. They did not offer me any direction regarding who or where I needed to go. 

He gave me my “pink” slip and kicked me out of his practice.

It was not until I found my 2nd liver specialist and the one who saved my life “literally” that I saw how unprofessional the first doctor was to me.

I have made it my foundation's mission to help those with similar situations with doctors unable to provide adequate information regarding hepatitis c and the available treatments.

It is each patient's right to get professional, educational, and guided instructions when diagnosed with hep C.

This or That

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Doing your research about having hep C

Now I do understand that not all medical physicians are trained and up to date with hep C information, and as a foundation, we are doing our best to reach out to rural offices with educational materials to help aid in the process of diagnosis and treatment of hep C.

I highly suggest that if you are diagnosed and then left in the dark about the next steps in the journey, you seek support either online or through local community events educating about hep C.  Get yourself the knowledge of the steps needed to get treated and ways to also help you if you contracted through IV drug use.

The important thing about hep C is there is a cure. However, there is no vaccine. Suppose you return to doing the activities for which was how you contracted hep C.

In that case, you have the same chances of being infected again if proper channels are not taken to avoid activities that could re-infect you. It is important to understand all you can about how infections are transmitted and what treatments are available to you to cure your body of hep C.

Finding support so you feel heard

Support in our community is a great resource for gaining knowledge and understanding of hep C, the clinical terminologies, and the steps required to gain treatment to cure. 

This is an online community that truly understands. We cover all variations of how we each got infected, and we are all here to help.

You are not alone in the fight. It may feel so isolating and scary but know that you found a place you can ask questions, and seek advice. personal not medical, as we are not physicians but rather have personally fought hep C. 

For medical advice, you must always seek your doctor for those questions to be answered.

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