We can Do This

What can we do?

Who are we?

We can eliminate hep C on a personal level and, more broadly, as a global effort to reach the World Health Organization's goal of reaching what is termed the Elimination of viral hepatitis, inclusive of hep B and C by 2030.

Is anyone affected or working in some way to end viral hepatitis or working to reach the goal of elimination? It starts with awareness, testing, and treatment as required for all on a personal level but doesn’t stop there if we want to be part of a greater effort in our community and beyond.

Making progress toward disease eradication

Local efforts are important and can make a world of difference. These local initiatives are often referred to as “micro-elimination” projects.

They may be meant to target a specific population geographically by age, whether they use substances, are co-infected with HIV, or are part of an ethnic population that may be from an endemic country.

Also included are those burdened by inequitable access to care and resources that others have. Small actions can lead to big differences in people’s lives.

For those of us lucky enough to have had access to testing and subsequent treatment and cure, we know that being hep C free is an amazing thing for us, and in some very real ways has changed our lives in the most positive ways.

If you are one of the people who have also been cured, like me, we can and do have the ability to help others achieve the same. As noted, even small actions can make a difference in someone else’s life, and for those who have given your time, my hat is off to you.

On the path to healing

My hat is off to you for all that you have endured since your diagnosis, and I hope the journey was not made difficult in any way but understand it was not easy for all. If you are cured, that is amazing, and I never tire of hearing that news from people.

How much we can contribute to the effort to reach elimination is entirely up to you, and it is a personal choice each of us decides. If your health makes it impossible or too difficult, that is totally understandable.

Nobody has an absolute obligation to do anything, and there is no shame in making your focus on getting well again and free of the virus. Many people who develop chronic hep C and go on to treat and reach SVR/ cure want to get on with a virus-free life.

Who can blame them for that? This is, after all, the goal when we are diagnosed.

I hope that some of those who are now cured of hep C can set aside some time to help others. If you can help in your town, city, or neighborhood, that is amazing.

Be amazing. It is easy, and how much time you commit to is your choice and yours alone, but anything you do to help is a positive step and a win for you too!

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