When Your Adult Child Needs a Hep C Test

Editors note: The author of this article is not a medical professional. Please consult a doctor if you think you or your child needs testing, or if you have any questions.

You may have a suspicion that your adult child needs a hep C test, but are not quite sure. You want to bring it up without starting a fight, but something might be holding you back.

There are a lot of reasons to think that someone in your family has hep C. It could be symptoms, lifestyle, or other factors.

If you are a parent, follow your heart and help your child make the change that is needed to begin life anew without hep C.

Get answers first

It may be easy for you to simply ask your adult child to get tested. Taking the direct route is sometimes the best.

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If you have a tough situation, this may not be the path to getting your child the help they need. Sometimes when your adult child needs a hep C test, it is better to look at it from all angles first.

Where to get tested for hep C

You can start by making a list of the easiest ways to access the test before you bring it up. They might accuse you of being nosey or suspicious.

As a caring parent, just ignore any accusations. Patiently remind them that you brought them into this world and you want to keep them in it for as long as possible.

The best way to do that is to get them to a place where they can get tested. Hopefully, you can find a place to test where they do not experience any judgment, stigma, or shaming.

The time to act is now

Offer to help them to get there as soon as possible. You might begin by asking if you can make an appointment yourself.

Take it a step further and offer to go with them. Your adult child may grumble, but they know you care.

How to pay to get tested

If they have insurance, it may be as simple as walking into a clinic. If they don't have health care, find out what options are available in their area.

There are great online resources such as Help4Hep where you can locate a clinic nearest to your adult child who needs a hep C test.

Starting over

When a person has had hep C for a while, their body has inflammation. Hepatitis C attacks the liver.

Slowly, over time, it can cause a lot of damage. It will eventually cause liver failure.

Getting totally rid of hep C is the only way to get a fresh start in life. The liver begins to heal quickly once the source of inflammation is gone.

Your child’s thinking will even become more clear and you will begin to see a difference.

Staying hep C free

Once your adult child is free of hep C, they can make choices to keep from getting reinfected. Ask a medical provider to help you find a recovery program if needed.

There are many resources available to your family.

When your adult child needs a hep C test

This can be a devastating blow to you as a parent. You may blame your child, or even yourself.

Please let go of the blame and take the first step by helping them get tested and treated. You will find a lot of support in this community from other parents who have gone through the same thing.

Your child can be Hep C-free.

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