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When it comes to living with hep C, I wish people spoke more about ________.

We're always interested in hearing from the community about topics and experiences we can bring more awareness too. Let us know below!

  1. I wish people spoke more about Hep C organ donation. (Leslie, Community Moderator)

    1. I wish people spoke more about congenital heart or liver disease patients who had one or multiple surgeries in the 1970’s and 1980’s, which required blood transfusions and years later these patients find out they have Hep C.

      1. Leslie Ann, I didn't have a congenital disease, however I received blood transfusions in 1966. I was in a serious motor vehicle accident. I spent three weeks in the hospital and got hepatitis C from the blood. My liver enzymes were elevated in the 70's, but at the time, it was not known there was a virus called hepatitis C. I was told I had non A non B hepatitis and it was not a serious thing. In 1991 I was tested and found out I had hep C and cirrhosis from the transfusions. Fortunately I cleared the virus in a clinical trial in 2013. I feel very fortunate that the direct acting anti virals work so well. (Sue, Community Moderator)

        1. That's my story but I have no clue how I was infected maybe a dental visit in the 70s

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