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What would you share with someone newly diagnosed with hepatitis C?

Comment your learnings, tips, resources, or (non-medical) advice here to support someone going through a recent diagnosis! 😀

  1. Before my heart transplant from a Hep C donor, I kept seeing tv ads for Epclusa. Not knowing that I would receive a Hep C heart, I informed my family that maybe it was possible to receive a Hep C organ. Surprisingly during my heart and liver transplant evaluations, I was asked if I wanted to sign some paperwork to receive any high organ, so I did. I took Epclusa for 90 days with little to no side effects and I feel pretty good most days. I’m two years post heart transplant and I still have liver disease. I’m thankful that someone educated me on the facts about Hep C and that I was abled to be cured of Hep C, plus have a positive outcome. (Leslie, Community Moderator)

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