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I have left my Vosevi pill bottle open on and off–still save to take?

Started Vosevi a few weeks ago and just realized I have been leaving the bottle open on and off for a few days here and there, without the silica gel desiccant in it (which I took out in a mindless state when starting the medicine). Put it back in the bottle and closed it as soon as I realized my mistake. Do you think this might have affected my medicine in any way? It's been kept in a cool (room temperature), dry and reasonably dark place except for leaving the bottle open without the silica gel desiccant in it. How sensitive is it?

  1. Hi Impermanence. So glad to hear you are treating. Your question is an important one. Since none of us are healthcare providers, I think it would be best to reach out to your pharmacist or doctor to answer your question. Good luck with treatment. ~ Sue, Community Moderator

    1. Thank you for your support Sue! I did talk to my doctor who told me to just continue my medication as usual. Still I've been a bit nervous about this the last few days. I've been so careful to take it exactly the same time every day, what to eat and what not to eat in terms of foods, medicine, etc. But the most basic thing I just miss completely. Still I can only carry on.

      1. Impermanence, you are right to carry on. Don’t make yourself crazy over being exact to the minute about taking your meds. An hour either way will not make a difference. In fact, although I don’t condone this, anyone I know who forgot a day, cleared the virus anyway. You will do fine. Try not to worry. Enjoy the rest of your day. ~ Sue, Community Moderator

    2. I agree with Sue, we aren't doctors so I think it would be best to reach out to your prescribing Dr. and ask about that.
      I also struggle with taking medication at the exact same time every day, but what I do know as a person who works in the hepatitis C field is that there is a rather large grace period within taking Direct Acting Antiviral medication.
      I am NOT advising you to discontinue your medication regiment but only to give you comfort that missing one dose or taking it a bit later will likely NOT affect the desired outcome of SVR (sustained virologic response.)

      1. English is not my native language so my last post might have been a little unclear. I have been super careful to take my pills exactly the same time every, what kinds of foods, medicines and stuff not to eat when taking this medicine etc. Been taking my dose every day on the minute without a problem.

        What I meant was that I missed closing the bottle a few times so it has been open a few days here and there. I also took out the silica gel desiccant in a mindless autopilot kind of state when I first opened the bottle but put back in a few days ago when I realized it's supposed to be in the bottle with medicine. Hopefully the medicine haven't been hurt by this but who knows.

        But this is what I meant, I have been reading up on exactly what kinds of foods, medicine, etc that is to be avoided, cut down coffee for example to an absolute minimum, take the pills exactly the same time every day with no problem, extremely careful to never slip up.

        But I forget the close the bottle, haha.

    3. I'm glad they reassured you. Hi, it's Karen, and I remember missing my meds a few times. I cried. Can you set a time on your phone? Get a pill box where you can set all of your pills for the week at once.
      You sound so tired, and I TOTALLY get that. My treatment included injections that had to be refrigerated. I messed up a few times.
      Do you very best to stay on time and take care of your meds. Is there anyone who can help you get your Hep C Medication Organized?
      All best hugs, Karen

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