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taking to long

its taking to long for me to have insurance approve med,stressing bad,overreaction surely

  1. Thank you for sharing your concerns. I can definitely empathize with you about insurance company approvals. It definitely becomes utterly frustrating when you have to wait for a long period of time to receive an answer. Although I didn’t have difficulties with insurance companies with Hep C drugs, I did when it came time to go through transplant evaluations for a heart and liver transplant. One’s emotional state starts to play a factor. I hope that you received your medication for Hep C and everything is running smoothly. Leslie (Community Moderator)

    1. thankyou leslie for the reply,no meds as of 4/22,incredible sticktuitivness on your behalf,bp is constantly high even with medication for it,nothing i can do.

  2. thanks randy,louisiana,humana,they called today and said blah blah blah,this is difficult for me because i literally have no physical people in my life for support so all i end up doing is worrying 24/7,its all my own fault

    1. appreciate your kind words Randy

      1. Hi I am Cas...I was denied 5 times and gave up. My daughter told me I was too much of a jerk to put up with that! So I wrote letters to everyone. I started with local people like in my state...State medicaid supervisor, state representatives, and I got sick of typing so I made a form letter and added whoever I was sending it to and emailed it to the governor, senators, I even sent it to the president of the US...I got a call from one of our senators and he scheduled a meeting with me and 2 weeks later I was approved. Write your story! Who you are, why you need help, what you have to live for, and request their assistance in being able to live your life! I spent 3 days sending e-mails to anyone I could find their e-mail address worked and I am 7 years free of Hep C!

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