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taking to long

its taking to long for me to have insurance approve med,stressing bad,overreaction surely

  1. Thank you for sharing your concerns. I can definitely empathize with you about insurance company approvals. It definitely becomes utterly frustrating when you have to wait for a long period of time to receive an answer. Although I didn’t have difficulties with insurance companies with Hep C drugs, I did when it came time to go through transplant evaluations for a heart and liver transplant. One’s emotional state starts to play a factor. I hope that you received your medication for Hep C and everything is running smoothly. Leslie (Community Moderator)

    1. thankyou leslie for the reply,no meds as of 4/22,incredible sticktuitivness on your behalf,bp is constantly high even with medication for it,nothing i can do.

  2. Please forgive my late response! Im not sure what state you live in and what restrictions for approval might be in place (there, of course, shouldn’t be any. If you’re still not approved or need any help to facilitate that please consider calling help4hep at 877-435-7443 M-F.
    The counselors there can help you try to navigate to advocacy and offer resources. The call and help are confidential and free! It honestly just shouldn’t be this way…
    With care,
    Randy, Community Moderator

    1. thanks randy,louisiana,humana,they called today and said blah blah blah,this is difficult for me because i literally have no physical people in my life for support so all i end up doing is worrying 24/7,its all my own fault

      1. It’s NEVER your own fault my friend! It’s often our healthcare systems. Please don’t blame yourself. Please give a call to above # I provided and it can be figured out! Worrying, something we’re all familiar with, is definitely not good for your health and you deserve better. There should not be a problem in Louisiana as all restrictions have been dropped. Are you on Medicaid, uninsured or private insurance? Here’s a copy of the state report card for Louisiana.

        Don’t walk alone; so happy to journey this with you!
        With care,
        Randy, Community Moderator

    2. appreciate your kind words Randy

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