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Take a Deep Breath

If you are newly diagnosed consider yourself lucky all around,. You are lucky because now you know and you can take steps to safeguard the health of your liver. Also, it isn't like the "old days" when interferon was the only treatment. In those days less than 50% of people were cured and the treatment was difficult at best. Today close to 100% of people can be cured in less time, with few side effects. So, if you have to be diagnosed, this is the best time.

  1. I am newly diagnosed with HVC geno1. I must have had it for years. I am now on treatment. I am praying that I will be cured in 12 weeks. I have Stage3 fibrosis. I am praying that 12 weeks will cure me. Doing research I can see that I have been lucky.There are so many people worse then I am.I go for my first blood draw September 21. I am terrified what the results will be.I am now a local advocate of getting tested.

    1. Hi catbordine, thanks for sharing with us! I'm so sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis, but as Susan pointed out, sometimes receiving a diagnosis leads to successful treatment and more knowledge! I'm so sorry to hear about your fibrosis, however, I'm sending positive thoughts and well wishes your way for a cure in 12 weeks! You have a wonderful attitude about your situation, and are so right that being an advocate is incredibly important. I'm so glad to hear that you are encouraging others to get tested! Nice! Please keep us updated, and we'll continue to keep you in our thoughts! -Casey, Team

  2. Great attitude, Susan Simon! What a great way of looking at the situation! Thank you for posting this! -Casey, Team

    1. I am so scared just found out a few weeks ago I have active hep c virus. I am waiting to go see a specialist. I think I know when I was exposed, did something really stupid. But I have had some of the symptoms for a couple years so I worry I have had it longer? I am just scared and confused.

      1. Hi Confused65,

        I'm so sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis! Please know we're here for you for anything you need!!! I hope the specialist you see is helpful! Let us know how it goes! In the meantime, I've found a few articles you may be interested in on being recently diagnosed:

        I hope those provide you with some information! Please let us know how everything is going. It's okay to be scared and confused, this is totally normal! Just remember, we're here whenever you need us! -Casey, Team

      2. Hello,
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    2. Waiting on insurance to start my treatment, lots of pain in joints. I wish I could start today! I have probably had it 30 years but liver looks pretty good even tho I was a drinker.

      1. We so hear you, bradtexas! I hope your insurance pulls through soon and that you can start treatment! I'm glad to hear that your liver still looks pretty good! Thanks for sharing! -Casey, Team

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