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Why Would a Doctor Encourage…

…Someone to continuously delay starting treatment for HCV g1a for several years? All the way up to a 3.1 million viral load?

  1. This is odd. I don’t see why your doctor wouldn’t get you the prescription for your genotype right away so you can start treatment? The longer this disease is multiplying in your body the more damage that is caused. I’d push for treatment asap or see another doctor that will help you. This is unacceptable! There are so many new medications out there now that are up to 98% cure rate. To deny you of this miracle is just insane. Please push this issue, Epclusa I believe is for your genotype. Good luck friend.

    1. When they were trying to encourage me to have treatment they did a lot of tests. There was intense debate because the blood tests showed that I had also been infected with Hepatitis B which must have self cleared.

      The concern was that the treatment may cause the Hepatitis B to be reactivated. The pressure to have treatment suddenly stopped and I think this was the reason.

      I'm not sure whether they have different opinions on this now because I haven't seen my Hepatitis Team since before the Pandemic.

      It would be a good idea to just ask the Doctor outright and say "Please tell me why you are discouraging me to have treatment?"

      By the way I am also Geno Type 1a. I was infected in 1974 during a blood transfusion at age 18. I have never had any treatment and I am age 66 now.

      1. Okay, so we have almost the same story. I had genotype 1b, and also self cleared hepatitis B as well. The reactivating percentage of the the b virus is either 1% or 2%. demand your medication, seems the staff at the location you are going to don’t have the “up to date” knowledge of the medications and side effects. I know the Hep c commercials do warn about the Hep B deactivation but I promise you, it is so rare. Please please please get your prescription. Even if you have to tell them you are willing to take the risk of the Hep b deactivating just to shut down that topic. This is the best thing you can do for yourself and your liver. Get cured, and if any damage occurred with the liver it will eventually heal. I wish you good luck and hope to hear that you started your meds soon 😁

      2. , thank you for sharing your personal experience on this particular issue. This question was a little outside my wheelhouse. And , please let us know how you are doing (only if you feel comfortable doing so).

        Best, Erin, Team Member.

    2. Because they make more money. You have to be your own advocate. You decide which medication you think fits you after researching side effects and such. I was denied 5 times. I wrote letters to everyone via email from the medicaid office to the president of the united states. I got one return from Senator Paul Udall...I did an interview with him. He is a brilliant man. We didnt even share parties he was still my advocate and as much as I have no idea what he did I owe him my life. After treatment...there are modifications to your lifestyle...You have to lead a very clean life from food to exercise no alcohol...Im very careful with meds even otc meds. Step up baby and fight for you!

      1. , I wish no one had to fight this hard to receive the medical care they need and deserve. That said, you sound like one heck of a fighter! I am glad you didn't give up!

        Best, Erin, Team Member.

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