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Anyone have experience with starting new treatment?

Suppose to start Epclusa next week I'm 65yrs old, not sick prob had since 70s side effects worry me as I have COPD. Also, would having flu vaccine spike my viral load numbers? thanks

  1. Hi Davoe, I would not worry about side effects due to your COPD. The flu vaccine should not spike your viral load. Viral load is like blood pressure, it changes from hour to hour. Moat patients due very well with Epclusa. Give it a try and stay calm. (Sue,Community Moderator)

    1. Hi Sue.i just read some of the past posts on this site seems like Esther had and is still getting poste tx complications (aches &pains)why do people say no side effect ,one older guy i know ended up in emergency 3days after starting tx breathing problems ect.i dont really think this miracle cure has been around long enough to know for sure ,its great that it is cureing ppl but when they say 90-95%cure rate is that cure rate been on young near healthy low VL people ? Im just trying to find out all pos an negs before i take first tablet an hope im not a guinea pig with geno 3 hi VL.thanks hope you are going ok.

  2. Just finished Epclusa 6 weeks ago. I’m 65 too. Treatment was very easy. Side effects were fatigue, headache and nausea. I still have fatigue but I had that before with Hep C. All other side effects are gone. Very easy and doable treatment. Non detectable after 3 weeks of treatment.

    1. I’m very glad your Hep C treatment went smoothly for you. (Leslie, Community Moderator)

  3. I'm 65 also and just finished Epclusa treatment 90 days 2 weeks ago. My only noticeable side effects were a slight headache a few times. My hepatitis test came back as undetectable and I still had 2 tablets to take.
    I hope this encourages people seeking treatment. I was so worried my spouse of 38 years may had contracted hepatitis from me but she tested and came back negative.
    My liver is of normal size but shows scaring so routine testing is in my future.
    Mentally a great burden has been lifted knowing right now I'm clear of detectable virus. I have my next test 90 days to see if it's still clear.

    1. Thank you for sharing. It definitely is a relief and a huge burden off one’s shoulders to know that there’s a cure for Hep C and that your wife didn’t contract Hep C. I too took Epclusa for 90 days without any noticeable side effects. (Leslie, Community Moderator)

  4. 08/08/21 Just had a follow up fiber scan, results stage 2. Liver of normal size. Blood labs looked perfect. Next test scheduled for one year.
    Next Labs November 2021.

    1. This is great news! Your Fibroscan will hopefully continue to get better and better. Mine went from F4 to F1-2. The liver is an amazing organ. Weren’t you due for 12 week post treatment labs in end of September? Or have you gotten them? Wishing you all health in a hepcfree life! With care, Randy, Community Moderator

    2. Thank you for keeping us updated. I’m glad to hear that the liver is a normal and that your blood work turned out good. (Leslie, Community Moderator)

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