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So Freaking Scared and Feeling Hopeless

Hi Everyone,

I'm a 34 year old male who's had hep for roughly 17 years.

I'm posting because I'm just absolutely terrified.

I've been in denial for the entire time. I've been a heavy weekend drinker for most of this time and spent part of it stuck on dope. I got clean off of heroin 5 years ago and had my levels checked and they told me they we about normal at the time.
Recently I've been planning on going and getting this taken care of and getting this monkey off my back.
However my good friend, who I started heroin with when I was 16, recently let me know that he needed a liver transplant due to his hep - and he wasn't even a drinker! He had his appendix removed and thats when they found the damage. He is a heavy smoker, spent years in jail where he got a ton of tattoos.... I'm telling you this for a reason - because he had a ton of symptoms: severe ascites, dizziness and fatigue to the point he could not go to work, etc...

I've had basically none of this.... some confusion sometimes, fatigue but usually after a strenuous workout. I mountain biked 16 miles 2 weeks ago...... bike 20-30 miles regularly. I take really good care of myself outside of my drinking. I drink tons of water, workout 3-4 times a week, eat fairly healthy.... My point is I've felt like I've been in decent shape until recently when I've been experiencing some mild nausea - which I think could be due to me trying to kick suboxone (I developed a very minor habit about 6 months ago and realized I made a huge mistake and needed to get off)

Now I'm just completely terrified. I'm almost sure I have cirrhosis because I've had Hep the same time as my friend and I've been the bigger drinker.

I thought worst case scenario, I'd be able to get a living donor transplant, and am now seeing that your donor needs to be relative to your size - I'm 6'3, 230 and don't know really anyone else that is my size.

I know this probably all sounds crazy but I am just a basket case right now and am looking for hope. I've worked sooooo hard to stay off of heroin and get my life back and have a good job, be good to my people, etc..... and this is just crushing me..... if your read all the way through this, I truly appreciate you. I guess I'm just looking for some hope.

  1. Hi Footballguy31, thank you for sharing your story with us. That takes tremendous courage and I just want to commend you. And congratulations on five years clean, this is an accomplishment to celebrate!

    We’re glad that you’re mostly feeling well and able to stay physically active. And understand the fear you’re feeling after seeing what happened to your good friend. There’s no way to know for sure what stage liver disease you have without testing, like a liver biopsy. Knowing this will also help you and your healthcare team determine if you need a transplant.

    I want to pass along the contact information for Help4Hep, a free peer counseling service for people living with hep C. They can be reached from 9am-9pm EST at 877-435-7443. Hep C can be scary, though know we’re here with you for support! This may be but a bump in the road in this journey of getting your life back.

    Warmly, Matt (Team Member)

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