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I was treated with an Interferon and ribavirin

8 years ago, I received a treatment for hep c. I had been carrying the virus since my teens (around 20 +years)

In one of my bloodtests while pregnant, I found out, but I was never treated until 2014, and only because I started asking around and educating myself what I had.
I was treated with interferon and ribavirin... later to find out that this same year, new treatment was offered available.

I have no scarring on my liver, they say.. When starting treatment I had fibrosis 2-3 I reckon is the measure out there, but here in Iceland they count from 0-6 and mine was 3-4 by those measures.
The treatment really took a toll on me. 2 years after treatment I get another test, to check if im cured because Nobody offered me any aftercare or any advise on how to live.
I never had symptoms, until after treatment, and now 8 years later, im in pain and im scared to eat. My stomach is all torn up. But my liver seems fine but nobody even bothers to check anything related until i started vomiting blood 3 yrs ago. So im on ezapramazol and need to be on that for the rest of my life which is fine if it works. Im not a user, havent used since I was a kid.. but im in pain. I cant eat without watering up everywhere, and it keeps giving me more and more pain in my chest and everywhere nowdays. Im only 49 kilograms, 46 years old. (I was 38 when i was treated)
Its very hard to live this way and im constantly scared to die from my girls.

Thank you for being here and your fantastic articles that helped me recognise what is wrong with me. All doctors brush me off, espessially the one who treated me.

Best wishes from Iceland ❤

  1. I m so sorry you did not get good care. It does sound like you need to see a liver specialist and find out if you can be treated now with the direct acting antivirals. I don't know why they told you that you had no scarring. Fibrosis is scarring. Please make an appointment with a new liver doctor and find out what is going on. I wish you the best. (Sue, Community Moderator)

    1. Hello yes similar story here. I had harvoni and am disabled now in the USA. 2016 was treatment I was given only test and told to eat well. No nutrition classes no after care and no real answer other then you been treated it's gone.
      My meds caused auto-immune called Sarcoidosis. After hepc they didn't tell me I'd become a cripple. I took photos through the years knowing something was wrong but not what though.
      I also have Antiphospholipid syndrome APS sticky clot blood. Tendonitis all over I believe tedonopathy several anemia Arthritis and neurological issues. Daily nausea daily pain only 41yo. I eat well and follow many doctor forums which are helping and pilates has been great and paleo diet w 20 supplements a day. I am doing a few protocols that have been tremendously on healing

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