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Can hepatitis C cause random stomach pain? And is low appetite normal too?

  1. Hi Needy, thank you for sharing your question with the community. Hepatitis C can cause liver scarring and impacts the liver's ability to function, which can effect the stomach and abdominal area too. Some patients may experience ascites, which is a build-up of fluid in the abdomen and causes the stomach to swell or bloat. Though ascites aren't the only symptom of stomach pain from hep C, there could be other issues, including ulcers or varices. Stomach pain can lead to a low appetite.

    Have you been able to share the symptoms you're experiencing with a doctor? They may be able to run tests or otherwise help you identify the causes for your symptoms.

    Please know we're here with you for support.

    Matt (Team Member)

    1. Hi Needy. As Matthew has said, hepatitis C can cause stomach upset even in those who are early stage. Hep C affects the entire body, not just the liver. I hope you have mentioned it to your physician. We always blame everthing on hep C and it may be something else entirely. I hope you get answers and can start to feel better quickly. (Sue, Community Moderator)

      1. Hepatitis C and or liver disease in general can cause a number of symptoms, such as: ascites or bloating in the abdomen, loss of appetite, and abdominal pains to name a few symptoms. However, these symptoms can also be related to gastrointestinal or cardiac issues as well. For this reason, it’s very important to discuss the symptoms with your doctor. Thank you for sharing. (Leslie, Community Moderator)

        1. When I was in my acute stage my illness did show in jaundice and fatigue. I was hospitalised for 8 nights and during that time and a few weeks after I got out I felt queasy all the time and had barely any appetite. The food in the hospital was decent and 3 meals a day so I did try to eat as much as possible. I have a massive sweet tooth and for a while my chocolate cravings totally vanished. Now the jaundice has passed my energy levels are returning (it feels great not being constantly tired) and my appetite has returned along with my sweet tooth.

          1. I’m sorry to hear that you had to spend 8 days in the hospital for jaundice. However, it’s great news that you are doing much better now and have your appetite back. Thank you for updating us on your experience with low appetite. (Leslie, Community Moderator)

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