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How are you practicing self-care or self-love?

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed or anxious during stressful and uncertain times. It can be hard to manage those feelings. How do you cope with these feelings and what do you do to stay grounded? Share with the community in the answer section below.

  1. Keeping a journal that I take time each morning to write in. It helps me get thoughts together and start day positive. I am eating a healthy low sugar, low fat and lots of greens. I have been staying away from soda's and koolaid stuff to drink. Water with lots of ice. Do a low impact workout and alternate with yoga and weights to keep it interesting 😀
    At night I soak in a nice bath to relax and get ready for bed.

    1. Working up to 60 hours per week I try to ensure that I make time to do things that I enjoy. I also practice being gentle with myself, and have slowly learned to love and accept myself (most days!)

      It's hard juggling two kids under 5, my partner and their needs, 3 different jobs (gotta pay the bills somehow,) reaching out to friends, exercise, and making sure to take time for self care and self reflection.

      UGH! Sometimes I wonder why on earth I wanted to be a grown up so badly when I was a kid.

      And I'm STILL relentlessly searching for that 'balance' thing everyone is talking about! 😛

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