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Persistent fatigue/immune problems.

Hi, I was supposedly cured in 2020, but have felt awful ever since. Really tired, no arenal response, mucked up immune system and brain fog.

The only time I've felt ok was on prednisone at initial high doses and then 7.5mg a day, and when I was completely isolated so couldnt get ill. I'm wondering if I should go back on that. Did anyone get it young and was treated young but still has long Hep C?

every study i read, seems to suggest the virus is still there, bottom estimate of 50% + in people with SVR. ANd immune system is rubbish permanently. But then again i remember people saying they felt great after theyd been cured on the forum. And maybe I am a minority.

Does anyone know where the other forums are? I remember posting on old forums but google doesnt return anything any more.

  1. hi there. It sounds like you’re really not feeling well! I’m so sorry. When you cured in 2020 were you UNDetected at 12 weeks after the end of treatment? If so, how long did you have chronic HepatitisC? There is really no such thing as ‘long Hep C’ but it’s possible, you’re dealing with liver damage or extra hepatic manifestations (conditions outside the liver) If prednisone made you feel better I wonder if you should see a specialist to assess you for anything autoimmune related. I’m not a doctor but had Hep C for almost 40 years and do have autoimmune disease and am on prednisone. I also had plenty of liver damage- cirrhosis. I definitely think you need to talk with your healthcare provider and perhaps get a referral to see a specialist. You deserve to get answers and relief my friend! I’m wishing you improved health and quality of life as you go forward. It may be something really simple. I sure hope so. Please speak with your doc ok? And stay connected! Btw, which old forums are you referring to? There are a couple online like Delphi and MedHelp but they’re just not the same anymore. And, we like having you here 😀 I hope my post helps answer some of your questions.
    With much care,
    Randy, Community Moderator

    1. also, HepatitisC, once cured, definitely does not remain in your system. Just the antibody which is not virus. That 50% statistic is not correct my friend. The internet has all sorts of misinformation. Once cured, it is GONE. A person can get reinfected however. I just wanted you to rest assured about this. With care, Randy, Community Moderator

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