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Newly Diagnosed Questions

Hello Everyone,
Can a cadaver bone transplant in a dental procedure cause hep c?
Is a test result of ten million dangerously high?
Thank you!

  1. Hi . Welcome to the community! We are not scientists or medical experts, but I did a little Google research on the topic. From what I found, it is possible to contract Hep C from a cadaver bone transplant, but it is highly unlikely given all the precautions that are taken to prevent it. I am guessing you are unsure how you contracted Hep C and I am sure that is incredibly frustrating. But there are so many possibilities that it doesn't make sense to use too much energy on it. You will likely never know for sure. The important thing is to treat it and get rid of it for good as quickly as possible. The sooner you are treated, the better the chances of never having any long-term liver damage. When you say 10 million, are you referring to the viral load? Viral load numbers can be helpful in determining whether treatment is working, but they can also be misleading. Ten million is high, but that doesn't mean the virus has done any damage yet. You can also have a low viral load, but also have suffered long-term effects because you had it for so long. Here is an article about viral load that might interest you. Have you started treatment yet? I hope this all helps and that you are soon free and clear if Hep C. Keep us posted, if you don't mind. I will be thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Welcome to the Hep C community. To be honest, I’m not sure if a cadaver bone transplant in a dental procedure cause hep c. However, I am sure that a person with Hep C can donate their organs post mortality because I received a Hep C organ 4 years ago. Because I accepted a Hep C organ, I took Epclusa for 3 months post transplant. Leslie (Community Moderator)

      1. Hi Everyone I have a question. My family member has hep c. Started Taking Epclusa. Hurts whole gastro area. Passed a blood clot w bowel movement the 2nd day. Anyone w similar experience?

        1. Hi . Diarrhea is common side effect of Epclusa, but abdominal pain and blot clots are not. Your family member should go to the ER ASAP, or at least call the doctor's office immediately and go to the ER if they don't get a return call quickly. I hope it turns out to be something minor, but it's best to play it safe. Please update us if you get a chance. Sending lots of positive vibes your way. - Lori (Team Member)

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