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Newly diagnosed

Had enlarged liver and jaundice, found out today was do to hep c. I lost my job because I kept being sick, first couple days I thought I had stomach bug. I'm a wreck. My family supportive but I'm a wreck

  1. I'm drinking at least 12 bottles of water a day and I can't get hydrated. Just brown pee, very yellow at best, constant dry mouth. After a week I can finally eat. How long is this going to last

    1. Hi. Me too. I caint quench my thirst. Trying bolt 24 and other gatorade products. Im on sofo medicine. I still dont know if im chronic or acute. All i know is my liver was mildly enlarged. ???. Ive been very tired to insomnia. I didnt sleep last night. Im almost on my last box. Yeah!!!. But my blood work shows my white blood cells are very high. Im a esophageal cancer survivor. So that scares me.

    2. Hi Stuned, thanks for sharing your situation with us. The feeling of unquenchable thirst is stressful and can happen as a result of hep C. If you're concerned it could be esophageal related, we encourage you to see a doctor. Hepatitis C is considered acute if the infection is under 6 months and chronic if over that. Liver disease can also impact your sleep from its side effects and the emotional toll it can take. We're here with you for support and know that hep C can be a scary diagnosis. Have you been able to discuss treatment with anyone? -Matt (Team Member)

  2. Hi Shifty, I know it's a pain all over. Please, be gentle and patient with yourself. You need to rest, so that you can be in a better place. You are worth fighting for. How long have you had the Hep c ? I figure I've had mine for at least 20 yrs. I do hope your financial situation gets better. Losing a job in these times is stressful, especially when our families depend on us. Stay sweet.

    1. I just found out that I had hep c about a yr ago and I'm going to the Dr they're waiting to see what genotype I've got it's been very difficult to handle mentally and physically I'm so scared I'm in a lot of pain and I pray that it isn't too late for them to treat me this is my first time talking about this on here but I have to have someone who understands what I'm going through thank you

      1. Hi Misty, thank you for sharing your situation with us–that takes tremendous courage. We know that a hep C diagnosis is scary and spurs the question, "now what?" I want you to know that we're here with you for support. hep C is curable and there are treatments available that only take 8- or 12-weeks of a pill a day. However long you have had hep C, you are eligible for treatment and can benefit. Since you've only had it for a year, hopefully any liver damage or scarring should be minimal. I would encourage you to speak with your doctor about liver testing and getting started with treatment too.

        If you feel like you can benefit from direct support, Help-4-Hep is a free peer counseling network supporting people living with hep C. Their counselors can be reached at 877‑435‑7443 from 9am-9pm EST.

        Let us know what questions you have. I know this is scary, and moving onward from hep C may be unclear, but the future will be brighter.

        Matt (Team Member)

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